We are writing at EQE to become more structured in our investment process. Exposing our thoughts online will hopefully help us achieve that.

We hope that when sharing our thoughts with you, you sometimes bother telling us when we are wrong and other times you share new insights with us.

We would love to hear from you.

Johan @ EQE

I was born in northern Sweden, but have later moved to the area around Malmö.

Holding a Master in Science in Engineering, called "Industriell ekonomi". A mix between financial mathematics and computer science. I have been working in fin. tech. for 12 years in Copenhagen. From January 2022 my full focus will be on investments, for my own account, and for a partner.

johan@eqe.se | twitter.com/ValrossenEqe

Linus @ EQE

I am a mathematician and software developer turned full-time investor 2021. Primarily focused on undiscovered small-cap companies worldwide.

linus@eqe.se | twitter.com/linuseqe