At EQE, we're striving towards refining our investment process by penning our thoughts online, aiming for a greater level of structure. We believe this exposure will guide us towards our goal. 

We anticipate that our shared insights will spark a dialogue where you feel free to correct us when we're mistaken, and at times, enlighten us with fresh perspectives. We greatly value your feedback and look forward to hearing from you.

Johan @ EQE

Originally from northern Sweden, I now live just outside the city of Malmö. Ever since my early years, I have nurtured a deep-seated passion for investments. Amidst my routine, I take great pleasure in engaging in strength and endurance training.

Having earned a Master of Science degree in Engineering, specifically in 'Industriell Ekonomi'—an intersection of financial mathematics and computer science, I've dedicated twelve years to the fintech sector in Copenhagen. Since 2022, I shifted my entire focus to managing investments, not only for my personal portfolio but also for a partner.

johan@eqe.se | twitter.com/ValrossenEqe 

Linus @ EQE

I am a mathematician and software developer turned full-time investor 2021. Primarily focused on undiscovered small-cap companies worldwide.

linus@eqe.se | twitter.com/linuseqe